Photography By Amy Yeo

Welcome to taboo.iwarp... ***NEW IN AUGUST 2005: Digital Photography***

In my final semester, I took Basic Photography. Prior to this, I had no interest in taking such a course. I left that up to my friend, Jacob. But, OH MY GOD, did I love it. I abandoned most of my other courses to work in the developing room, dark room, or the studio. I ended up receiving a final mark of 97% in that course.

The pictures on this website are the results of my excessive time consumption and hard work. I did not add all of my pictures, just the ones that I loved the best. I never did believe that a photograph said anything about the photographer before, but I was mistaken. These photographs reveal so much about myself in a way that writing never can.

These pictures have NOT been edited in ANY WAY electronically, except for resizing to better fit a computer screen. I manually shot, developed, and printed them myself.

Amy Claire Yeo

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